Thursday, March 22, 2012

Local brand YOU should follow on Facebook!

I spent some time working for Athlon Sports, based out of Nashville, TN and I'm now following them on Facebook! You should too! They are some of the best!!

Following Professional Blogs

I've been searching around for sports related blogs to follow and, as I figured, it's hard to find some. However, the good news about sports reporters is that they are constantly writing for someone on the internet. Columns, which are sections written of the author's opinion, are the older, wiser cousin of the blog. I'm not going to give up on finding a good sports blog to follow, but here are a few links to some sites that have the best columns.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Organizational Professionals and Social Media

In the field of sports broadcasting/journalism, social media ha changed everything. From the timeliness of news delivery to the relationships that can be had thru social media with athletes and fellow reporters, social media has been a big blessing.

1) Facebook: Groups and fan pages were the first big breakout for sports reporters in social media. It was/is easy to constantly post and update information regarding the game, players, etc to a specific demographic that intentionally keeps up with you.

2) Twitter: The answer to everyone's prayers. Twitter took the pros of Facebook and made them even better without involving the cons. We can tweet immediate info, talk directly to coaches and players and build a distinct following.

3) Blogs: A sports person's heaven. We can talk about/present any information when get our hands on under a blog of our own name. Even a pseudonym, too!

I like to follow Athlon Sports as a favorite in social media. They use the three mediums list above relentlessly and set a good example for our genre of social media. 

Social Media Infogram

Pretty interesting. Explains in depth how content can go insanely viral.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Helloooo there.

My name is Sarah Fryar and I am a super-senior at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN. For my final semester here at Middle, I decided to enroll in Social Media Communication, a one-of-a-kind/first-of-its-kind class.

I chose SMC because a). it's under my minor, b). the company I've been interning with has used me as a resource to upgrade it's social media presence, and c). social media is like the human body; it keeps you guessing and you're always learning new things about it.

My list of goals for the semester:
1). Tackle my issues with the ever-changing media giant, Facebook.
2). Become a more developed Tweeter!
3). Learn to love and embrace blogging. ;-)

And just how do I plan to accomplish these social media goals?
1). Get over my attempts of figuring out Mark Zuckerberg's brain function and become more proactive with sharing information on both personal and professional sites.
2). I do not tweet as often as I should, not even on a daily basis. My plan is not only to tweet more often, but only tweet things of great quality.
3). I promise to commit myself to blogging and make it just as important to myself as Facebook and Twitter!

Hope you've enjoyed my very first blog post ever and I hope you remain entertained with the undertaking of number two!!